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Penny Play, First Time Golden Shower, Sucks 2 Piss Filled Cocks

Penny Play came to me with a very hot request. Although she plays with pee in her personal life, she hasnever had it on her face or in her mouth. Lucky for her I have some good friends who can help fulfill her wetwishes. Penny shows off her sexy body and gets her cotton undies wet with urine. Then we cover her withgolden silk. She cant control her orgasms as the wet pours down her hot pussy.

Sophia Cornered..... And Pissed On!

What happens when fantasies get fulfilled? Just ask Sophia who has been dreaming about being pissed onby beautiful woman....

Pee Pee Girl Charlotte Vale

Class is in session and Charlotte Vale is the PEE PEE GIRL! She goes to the bathroom in her seat and herclassmates are quick to rub it in her face. With much resistance at first, by the end, she's drenched in pissand asking for more. The more she's pissed on the more she cums! Charlotte proved to be one of the dirtiestpiss sluts yet that cant get enough!

Coffee Brown... Loves Piss!

Find out what happens when a beautiful woman is introduced to the joys of piss....Boy piss or girls piss or even her own. This hot woman just loves the feel & taste of piss....

Trinity Post, Hot Dirty Piss Drinking Cum Face Toe Licker.

Trinity Post looks so sweet and innocent. As soon as we start talking the dirtiest nastiest things come out ofthis girl's mouth. She pisses on herself and gets it all over her clothes. Trinity is soon soaked with hot urinefrom head to toe. I couldn't resist this super thirsty pee whore. Yea, I had to jump in and piss all over her andplay with that wet pussy.

Pissing On Penny Play With Isis Love Piss In Her Mouth

Penny had so much fun the first time around she wanted to cum back and play a little more. I had a surprisefor Penny Play, not only did i have 3 hot guys pissing all over her, Isis Love was ready and pissed all overher. Penny was so hot and wet with urine, She didn't want to waits a drop. Licking it up off the table like agood little piss lover. She opens her mouth welcoming Isis Loves warm stream of piss and tasting the goldengoodness.

Snowbound With Full Bladders......

In a cabin deep in the woods of Tahoe, 4 women and 1 rigger find themselves without a working commode.Undeterred by this they decide to find new ways to relieve their swollen bladders. Weather it be outside inthe pure white snow or quickly before a dip in the Jacuzzi, they are never in need of a toilet. And you justnever know what else they might dig up!

Dia Is A Piss Slut For A Cold Night.... Pt. 2

Nights in Tahoe get really cold. Dia Zerva finds out the hard way that this can cause the pipes to freeze.What happens when a full house needs to empty their full bladders? In Dia's case she becomes the housetoilet. Armed only with a latex gas mask and nylons Dia proceeds to get passed around by Amber Keen,Lochai, Kristine, and Nina who all need relief. It's all the warm piss that keeps Dia from freezing!

Snowbound In Tahoe: Piss Fetish With A Twist Part I

What happens when 4 beautiful women and a pervert are snowbound in a Tahoe cabin with bad plumbing?Gas masks, nylons & piss are in order.... Sit back and watch real golden shower lovers take advantage oftheir situation and the toys they are snowbound with...

Kristine Loves Piss And Cum, Golden Showers And Dick Sucking

Kristine is a true submissive. In her personal life she has a master and loves pee play. She is so excited toget wet with me. She takes tons of piss all over and it makes her feel really naughty. She begs for aspanking and asks for piss inside her pussy. Kristine pushes it in and out of her wet cunt as she quivers fromorgasms. We leave her on her knees with a face full of cum, drenched in piss and begging for more.

Amber Rayne Drinking Piss, 2 Golden Showers And Sucking 2 Cocks

Amber Rayne has some time to kill before her shoot, she agrees to come upstairs to play with me and myguys. Amber gets down to it. She pisses all over herself and plays in puddle. Then she invites my friends tocover her in golden goodness. Amber shows us how much she likes being a dirty girl and drinks it right up..

Cherry Torn Laps Up Hot Piss.

Cherry Torn is a hot piss lover with milky skin and perfect tits. She is thirsty and the only thing to quench thisthirst is the taste of warm pee in her mouth. Cherry sits in the bathroom and patiently waits for anyone towalk in and use her body and mouth to relieve themselves. Annie Cruz and Charlotte Vale are finishedshooting for the day and happen to find Cherry ready and willing. The piss spills out of Cherry's lips,splashes down her breasts and pools on the floor beneath them. Charlotte lets out a smooth stream of urineonto Cherry's clit and then more into her open mouth. Peter comes in and drenches her entire body as allthe girls watch and play with themselves. Cherry's piss covered body is smoking hot and she just can't getenough.

First Time Piss Drinker Jezebel Dahl Drinks Hot Pee Golden Shower

She is hot, she is thirsty, she is Jezebel Dahl! Only having tasted her own pee she is ready to explore themany other flavors out there. Dean and Maestro give her a taste of what we have to offer. And after she hastasted every drop Jezebel still wants more.

Alicia Tease, Piss Drinking, Blow Job, Swallows Cum, Masterbates

Alicia Tease has heard a thing or two about Pissing.com. She is intrigued by what some of the other girlsaround here have been talking about. She finishes her shoot early and tells us she wants to taste piss for thefirst time. Alicia says she loves the cum in her mouth and wants to be covered in hot pee and creamy cum.Ask and you shall receive. By the end of the day she is covered in piss and cum and loving every drop of it...

Adrianna Nicole, Alicia Tease, 2 Hot Piss Drinkers

Alicia told Adrianna about her first time tasting piss last month. The way she loves who it tastes and feels allover her body. I find these two sexy ladies hot and horny waiting on their knees. Adrianna has been savingher piss for me. When I get there she shows me how bad she has to go. With wet piss soaked panties thegirls get nasty and lick up all the golden goodness.

Puppy Girl Calico Pissing Herself And Taught A Lesson

Puppy Girl Calico pissing herself and taught a lesson. Puppy Girl Calico is brought into Dr. Cline's office for abladder problem. Once Dr. Cline and assistants give her a check up they decide that negative reinforcementtraining in the only thing that may work with her.

Krissy Leigh, Super Hot, Piss Virgin, Dick Sucker, Cunt Player

Krissy Leigh is a pissing.com virgin. She has been hearing the girls talking about piss play and wants to try itout for herself. We find her on the stairs and ask her to pee her pants for us. But to get her really wet we pissall over her while she is still in her clothes. We want her to feel every drop of hot piss on her body as itsplashes out. Krissy gets a face full of urine and a mouth full of cock. She's not a virgin anymore.

Selina Coverd In Piss Soaked Clothes Masterbating In Piss

Selina wants to feel wet and dirty. She is soaked in her clothes from head to toe with warm wet piss. Selinaloves the feeling of pee all over her skin. She masturbates and pushes the piss inside her sweet cunt.

Felony Drinks Piss, Golden Showers, Sucking Cock, Piss In Her Ass

Felony just finished shooting for another site here at kink. She was amped when I caught up with her andtold her I was shooting golden showers. She got even more excited when I introduced her to my friend whocan piss for a really long time. We go downstairs and I pee all over her pussy then she sucks the piss rightout of Maestro's hard cock. Felony gets one hell of a golden shower.

Coffee Brown Tastes Warm Piss, Golden Piss An Hot Brown Skin

Coffee Brown is new to pissing. She saw the site and was immediately turned on. Coffee shows us how herpiss sparkles in the sun as it splashes all over her feet. She is so willing and quickly starts to suck the pissout of Maestro's cock. Her beautiful brown skin glistens in the sunlight as warm pee washes down. Afterreaching orgasmic euphoria she finishes off by sucking the guys until they are drained of all fluid.

Annie Cruz Drinking Piss, Golden Shower Slut. Cum Drinker

Annie is back and begging for more. Two people pissing on her hot body just wasn't enough. She wantsmore cocks and more liquid gold.. She likes to play in the toilet and let guys come in and piss inside heropen mouth. Annie loves to use her tongue to lick these cocks clean. She sucks the cum right out and getsshowered clean with more hot urine.

Rita Seagrave: First On Camera Piss Drinking!

Rita Seagrave is not new to piss play but she is new to porn. Welcome her as the new sub to Amber Keenin this piss drinking fun...Brought in & introduced to drinking mixed piss from a glass she finds it is to her linking. She finds it so tasty ,she craves drinking her own piss....

Jade Caught Peeping At The Reunion, Used As A Piss Pot...

Jade followed her old beau down to the cellar at the reunion & saw more than she expected. Watching himpiss on & in his new squeeze has really turned her on & she wants in on it.

Locked In A Cage And Made To Piss In A Bucket

What's better than watching two beautiful woman locked in a cage pissing in a bucket? Watching them pisson & in each other!Sit back & relax as you watch Trinity & Kristine succumb to their bladders and then to the whim of theircaptors bladders.

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